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Cretan Nutrition


Cretan nutrition is not something new, its root lies deep in the Neolithic age.
Excavations that had been made have proved that, ancient Cretans, Minoans, consumed the same products eaten by Cretans today. Large Jars (Pitharia) were found in Knossos Area (Minoan Palace) used for the storage of Olive Oil, herbs, Honey, Wine etc. Following the example of ancient Cretans, today’s nutrition based on the same food materials.
It is important to mention that the exceptional level of health and longevity of the Cretans was discovered from researches that began in the 50’s.
Cretan nutrition has been studying for its contribution in human’s evolution. Because of island’s productive goods, habitants of Crete are tend to follow a kind of Mediterranean nutrition based more on earth products and less on vital products.
Vegetables and fruits are very often on Cretan tables. Salads are rarely missed from meals. Also, tea and decoction of local herbs are usual drinks during the day. 
Of course, important part of Cretan nutrition is the ways of cooking. Most common is cooking on pan and oven.